Nevo Burrell

Hair and image advisor

15 - 20 years experience

About me

Image Consultant & Stylist. My purpose is much more than putting you in the latest trends and more of an INSIDE OUT service – HEALING, RESILIENCE, and CONFIDENCE. Post breast cancer treatment, I realised that there was no provision to help thrivers with body confidence. This realisation led me to think about dressing for healing. I believe that dressing well is a form of self-care, and it is crucial for overall wellbeing.

Now, I help cancer thrivers and survivors of other trauma cope with the effects of diagnosis and treatment through style.

Education, Qualtifications and Experience
  • Trained at Talking Image, with over fifteen years of experience working with clients on a one-to-one basis and holding workshops online and in-person.

  • Worked on an award-winning film as a stylist.
Additional information
Languages I Speak


Professional Memberships
  • Board member at FIPI (Federation of Image Professionals International).
Services & Prices

Hair loss consultation £110.00

Support to help you plan for and manage hair loss as a result of your cancer treatment. The practitioner will understand your personal needs and goals and provide tailored advice.

60 min

Beauty consultation £110.00

Advice to help you feel more like yourself again. Our specialist advisors can provide make-up and skincare advice to help you manage the visible side effects of cancer treatment.

60 min

Style consultation £150.00

Elevate your confidence with a personalised style assessment and practical advice from an expert. Understand the colours, cuts and styles which suit you best and can mask any physical changes as a result of your cancer treatment.

75 min

Hair & Image Follow-up £110.00

A planned session following your initial appointment with your Hair & Image advisor.

60 min

Wardrobe audit £250.00

We will work together to evaluate your wardrobe, identify what needs to stay or go and fill any gaps. After the exercise, you will have an updated wardrobe with clothes that work with your natural colouring, body shape, and lifestyle. Don’t worry – the audit needn’t lead to a massive spending spree.

240 min

Wardrobe management £50.00

I will create looks for you (set of three looks) using the outfits you have uploaded onto your online wardrobe.

45 min

Personal shopping £220.00

You will receive a link to a selection of clothes and accessories in my finds area online for you to view and purchase.

240 min