Vicky Fox

Yoga instructor

10 - 15 years experience

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About Me

I am a Yoga Instructor specialising in working with side effects of treatment for cancer. Making yoga accessible and safe for everyone. Yoga can help to reduce fatigue by building strength back in muscles and bones, increase range of motion, stimulate the lymphatic system and help to improve the immune

system. Yoga works with breathing techniques that can help you get a break from your thoughts and find ways of breathing that can help you to relax. You don't need to feel good to come to yoga but you will feel better after.

Services I offer;

  • Post-operative care, safe and gentle yoga stretches, breathing and strengthening exercises to promote healing and regain range of movement and strength lost through surgery. It can also help release areas of tension and improve posture.
  • Lymphoedema symptom management, It is well known that yoga can help stimulate the lymphatic system to keep it healthy and avoid swelling. This is done safely through gentle movements and breathing working.
  • Strength and conditioning, yoga is a wonderful way to build strength to reduce the side effects of treatment including fatigue, breathing difficulties, muscle loss and posture adaptations. This session can be offered before, during and after treatment.
  • Relaxation and breathing, yoga can help calm the nervous system to enable you to feel relaxed during a very stressful time. It can give you breathing and mindfulness techniques and strategies to help cope with the anxieties around your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Menopause symptom management, how breathing and moving can help with menopausal symptoms.
  • Peripheral Neuropathy, how yoga can help keep the muscles in hands and feet working even when we feel disconnected to them or they are limiting our ability to balance or causing pain and discomfort.
Education, Qualifications and Experience
  • 2008 qualified with Yoga Alliance 200 hours teacher
  • 2009 Yoga for Pregnancy - Yoga Campus
  • 2010 Anatomy Dr Ruth Gilmore and Paul Fox
  • 2011 Teaching Yoga to Children
  • 2011 Yoga Therapy - Aadil Palkvivala
  • 2011/12/13/15/19 Yoga Therapy - Doug Keller
  • 2013 Yoga for Cancer (150 hrs) Laura Kupperman
  • 2013/15 Working with Injuries - Julie Gudmestad
  • 2020 Yoga for Osteoporosis - yogacampus
  • 2021 Yoga For Improved immune function.
  • 2021 Pelvic Floor Training - Leslie Howard
Additional information
Professional Memberships
  • Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer with Yoga Alliance Professionals
Services & Prices

Virtual clinic | 20 £20.00

20 min

Virtual clinic | 40 £65.00

40 min

Virtual clinic | 60 £100.00

60 min