Specialist Cancer Nursing.

Bringing significant cancer experience and an open forum to ask anything; speak to a cancer nurse specialist with a broad and in depth knowledge of many cancer types and forms of treatment.

A cancer nurse specialist can help if:

You have unanswered questions and require expert guidance from a trusted source with in-depth knowledge of many different cancers.

The support we give:

Perci cancer support nurses bring significant cancer experience and create a safe, open forum to ask anything.

As well as helping to manage symptoms and navigate the complicated healthcare world, many of our cancer specialist nurses have additional training in specific areas, such as gynaecological, gastro and haematology.

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Specialist Cancer Nurse


What is a cancer nurse specialist?

A cancer specialist nurse is an experienced oncology clinical nurse specialist. Typically a cancer specialist nurse.

How much does a cancer nurse cost?

An appointment with a cancer nurse specialist costs £20 - £100 depending on the appointment duration.

What can a cancer support nurse help me with?

A cancer specialist nurse can provide information and practical advice to improve your strength and tolerance of treatment before you begin along with support during recovery and the management of the long-term effects of cancer. Our cancer specialist nurses are also on hand to answer any specific questions you may have and can direct you to relevant professionals and resources for assistance if required.

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Johanna Bowie

Johanna Bowie

Menopause practitioner, Specialist Cancer Nurse

20 - 25 years experience

Next availability: Tomorrow at 7:30 PM
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