Sharing safe and effective ways to remain active; speak with a cancer physiotherapist who can guide anyone impacted by cancer through safe exercise suggestions to contribute to overall health and wellbeing and in addition, mental wellness.

A cancer physiotherapist can help if:

You would like to gain safe, expert advice on increasing your activity levels after cancer treatment; from small incremental steps, to larger rehabilitative plans.

The support we give:

Perci physiotherapists share safe and effective ways to remain active. Whether looking to build strength to complete daily tasks or reintroduce an exercise programme, they’re experts in the physical fitness of people living with and beyond cancer. Rehabilitation advice about pain and fatigue as well as more targeted issues like musculoskeletal problems can also be provided.

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How can physiotherapy help cancer patients?

Physiotherapy can help address the physical side -effects of cancer treatment such as fatigue, breathlessness, pain, weakness, peripheral neuropathy and more. Physiotherapy helps maintain optimal strength and mobility throughout cancer treatment and can also be effective post-surgery to encourage activity and increase mobility.

What type of cancer can be treated with physiotherapy?

It is important to note that physiotherapy alone cannot be used as a primary treatment method for cancer, physiotherapy is effective in treating specific side-effects of cancer.

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