Speech and language therapy.

Individualised support for speech and language issues that can occur after particular cancer treatments; meet with a cancer speech and language therapist to manage the effects of voice and speech changes, jaw mobility, swallowing difficulties and cognitive communication issues.

A cancer speech and language therapist can help if:

You are looking for speech therapy and practical strategies to help gain greater control of your overall ability to communicate after cancer surgery or treatment, with an aim to facilitate your wellbeing or professional performance at work. Many people experiencing these issues have had mouth, lip, lung, or head and neck cancers.

The support we give:

Perci’s speech and language therapists have extensive experience treating clients with oncology diagnoses at all stages of their journey. They are able to manage concerns regarding voice and speech changes - such as slurred speech, jaw mobility, swallowing difficulties and cognitive changes that affect communication.

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Speech and language therapist


What happens in an online speech therapy session?

During an initial virtual session a Perci speech and language therapist will conduct an assessment understanding your unique needs and goals. The speech and language therapist will advise on exercises to help regain strength in the muscles used for speech, they can work with you to increase how long you can comfortably talk for and increase projection without damaging your muscles in control of your voice.

Can you help me with problems after surgery?

Perci speech and language therapists help clients throughout all stages of cancer treatment. Our specialists can offer assistance with speech & voice changes, swallowing difficulties, jaw mobility, secretion management and other cognitive changes affecting communication.

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Samantha Holmes

Samantha Holmes

Speech and language therapist

10 - 15 years experience

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