Mindfulness and meditation.

Bringing awareness and acceptance to people impacted by cancer; meet with a mindfulness and meditation professional to build conscious and compassionate thoughts while dealing with difficult emotions due to the impact of cancer.

A mindfulness and meditation professional can help if:

You are looking for expert guidance from a compassionate meditation teacher who understands the challenges of cancer.

Many people who practise mindfulness are looking for support in treating anxiety as a result of cancer treatment, while others may be struggling with fear of recurrence or survivor’s guilt.

The support we give:

Perci mindfulness and meditation professionals equip their clients with a bespoke self-care tool, in the form of a supportive meditation practice. This practice can be returned to over time and built upon to help manage complicated or difficult thought patterns.

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Mindfulness and meditation professional


How does meditation and mindfulness help people with cancer?

Meditation can help people living with or beyond cancer in multiple ways, even a simple, practical five minute breathing exercise can help you reconnect to a sense of calm and reduce levels of anxiety. Meditation can be used to tackle anxiety provoking situations and is a valuable tool you can fall back on time and again.

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Asst. Prof. Laura Ashurst

Asst. Prof. Laura Ashurst

Mindfulness and meditation professional

25 - 30 years experience

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