Next generation cancer support

Perci Health's pioneering virtual care clinic, designed to support employees impacted by cancer, delivers better outcomes for everyone.

We help your people during the most complex and challenging period of their lives.

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Join other employers in the UK who are setting a new standard of care for their employees affected by cancer.

(Macmillan Cancer Support)
“For those affected by cancer, work is important. Due to the advances in cancer treatment more people are able to and want to stay at work during treatment.”

Professor Peter Schmid, Medical Director

The support offered through Perci Health makes an immeasurable difference to your employees lives.

Comprehensive cancer support for everyone impacted by cancer

Perci Health shows your team you care whilst they are away from work, strengthens their loyalty to you and plays a critical part in making the return to work possible

In recent years we have become increasingly aware of the true extent to which our colleagues are impacted by cancer in some capacity - either directly or supporting a loved-one. Perci Health, with its unique offering, allows us to provide support when it’s needed most. Looking after our colleagues goes to the heart of our values and it makes good business sense.

Bell Group, a UK business providing Perci Health cancer care to its employees

Are you ready to give your employees the care they need?