• Browse Services: Explore our services and browse the profiles of our Perci Professionals. Once you have found a professional who suits your needs, select their initial consultation and choose a time and date that works for you. An appointment is confirmed once payment is received.
  • Be guided by a Perci Expert: A Perci Expert can answer questions about our support types, professionals and anything Perci-related. They are unable to answer any clinical questions. Book a free 20-mins video call with a Perci Expert at a time convenient to you and they will call you back.
  • Once you have booked an appointment you will be sent an email confirmation containing a link which can be clicked to access your appointment. You will also be sent a reminder of your call, which has the link too.
  • Alternatively, you can access your appointments by visiting ‘Appointment Information’ when you are logged into your account on the Perci Health website.
  • Perci Health can be accessed via the internet, whether you are using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, as long as you have a camera and microphone (all smartphones have these features). This will allow you and your chosen professional to see and hear one another.
If the points above aren’t proving useful and you are having technical issues prior to your appointment, please email hello@percihealth.com and we will do our best to assist you.

To ensure all our customers are able to access our professionals, we have rules around cancelling and rescheduling appointments.

  • Cancelling Appointment:

    If you no longer require your appointment please ensure you give us over 48-hours notice, this will ensure you receive a full refund. Please note, if you cancel your appointment within 48-hours of the allotted appointment time you may be subject to a fee.

    To cancel your appointment, go to the ‘Manage appointments’ section of your account. You’ll find options to ‘Reschedule’ or ‘Cancel’ any upcoming bookings you have. Alternatively, you can email our customer success team, hello@percihealth.com, who will be happy to assist you with any issues surrounding cancellations.

  • Rescheduling Appointment:

    If you are unable to attend your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, we offer the ability to reschedule your appointment free of charge if this is done 48-hours or more in advance of your allotted appointment time. If you reschedule your appointment within 48-hours of the allotted appointment time you may be subject to a fee. You can reschedule each appointment once without incurring a fee. To do this please go to your account and click “Manage appointment”.

  • Don’t worry if you are running a little late, we know delays can happen.
  • Please contact the professional you’re due to meet to let them know what time to expect you. You can do this in the “Appointment Information” area of your profile, where the call takes place, alternatively you can contact the customer success team.
  • Please note if you are running more than 15-mins late for a 40 or 60 minute appointment, your appointment will be rescheduled. 20-minute appointments will be rescheduled if you are running more than 5-mins late.
  • Your professional will wait the allocated time (5-min or 15mins), if you do not join the call in this time the appointment will be cancelled. You will be subject to a charge in this case (please see the missed appointment policy below).
  • You will be sent two email reminders prior to your appointment. The first will allow you enough time to cancel if you need to. The second is two hours before to prompt you to join.
  • However, if you do miss your appointment without any notification, as a rule Perci Professionals charge the full appointment amount.
  • However, we do understand that there are unforeseen circumstances and if you would like to discuss the reason for your cancellation further, please contact our customer success team. They will be happy to explain your reasoning directly with the professional.
  • Perci Professionals will always aim to be on time, but on rare occasions they may be subject to unexpected situations in their work, please do allow them 5-mins flexibility.
  • If the professional is running more than 15-mins late they will give you the option to reschedule. This message will be sent as an onsite notification in the “Appointment information” area where your call takes place.
  • If you would prefer to attend your appointment with a guest that’s fine by us. When you log in to your appointment please introduce yourself and guest.
  • Unfortunately someone cannot dial in separately so you will need to be in the same room. We are working on improving this.
  • At the moment, Perci Health does not offer face-to-face appointments. For some services, such as physiotherapy or lymphoedema management, a physical exam may be needed. If a physical exam is needed, the specialist will suggest you’re seen externally and will refer you back to your GP to find local physiotherapy or lymphoedema services.
  • If you have private medical insurance, and want a face-to-face appointment with a private practitioner, your insurer will be able to provide a list of eligible services/specialists.
  • The Perci Health specialist will write detailed notes for you to download and share with your GP or the external specialist you are referred to. Once you have had a physical assessment, it is often possible to continue the therapy virtually via Perci Health.
  • We will always go out of our way to help you understand the best way to manage your health concern. If it’s a condition we can’t treat, we will be able to help point you in the right direction of the best onward care or recommend the appropriate assessment - this may be through your GP, or by referring back to your oncologist for further assessment. You can use the personal advice you receive in your Perci Health consultation notes to discuss treatment options with your local NHS GP, oncologist or other professionals involved in your care.
  • We cannot order blood tests, diagnostic procedures or amend prescriptions. We would need to refer you back to your GP or oncologist.

When booking your appointment you can choose to have a summary of your Perci Health appointment sent to your GP.

  • Confirm time and type of appointment
  • Under Do you want to keep your GP informed? tap Yes, keep my GP informed
  • Enter your GP details > Save

We aim to send your appointment summary to your NHS GP practice within 3 working days of your Perci Health appointment.


Browse our Services and team of carefully-vetted cancer professionals to decided which would suit your needs best.

We only work with highly qualified healthcare professionals with extensive experience working with cancer patients.

  • We avoid grouping our customers based on their diagnosis, and instead focus on providing truly personalised care and treating each person as an individual.
  • Our services are organised around the type of problem our professionals are solving because many services can benefit people no matter which type of cancer they have.
  • We also want to ensure our services are accessible by those with rarer types of cancer who sometimes find it hard to find personalised support.
  • We are only able to provide services to overseas patients if the professional booked has the specific insurance which covers that country. Please make your country of residence known when booking with a Perci Professional so they can confirm if they are able to treat you.
  • We don’t currently provide interpreters but some of our Professionals speak multiple languages and have the languages they are fluent in visible on their profile pages.

Our services are for all people affected by cancer. We can support people at all stages of cancer, focusing on your wellbeing. Our services are also available to friends, family members and carers looking to support their loved one and themselves.


  • You will be asked to pay the full appointment cost upfront at the time of booking, this is done through our website and all payments are secure. We accept all major credit (Visa, Mastercard & Amex) and debit cards along with apple Pay/Google Pay.
  • Please note your appointment booking is only confirmed once payment has been successfully made.

We are working towards becoming a recognised provider by all major private medical insurers. It may be that you’re currently able to use your insurance to see a selection of our professionals, however for the most up-to-date information please contact our Customer Success Team. Please be aware, if your chosen professional does accept insurance payments, you will be required to provide a pre-authorisation number before booking an appointment.

Currently our services are not covered by the NHS, if you require one of these services please speak to your GP.

Urgent care

We don’t provide prescriptions or medication through our platform. Our team of professionals can, with your consent, contact your primary care team (GP) if you have any concerns that may require further medical intervention.

We do not provide urgent care and our services should only be used for information, support and guidance. Use these resources for emergency support.

You should not substitute medical visits with your GP or oncology team. Your medication or treatment should not be changed on the basis of information provided to you by Perci Health.

We do not provide medical second opinions. Please speak to your GP or oncology team or a second opinion provider if you would like a second opinion.

Security and Privacy

  • All professionals conduct information governance training.
  • Our professionals and staff all abide by a strict confidentiality agreement, any conversations you may have with them remains in the strictest confidence and the details will not be shared. We will only share your medical details if you provide your consent for us to do so.
  • Please note that if a professional believes you are at immediate risk of harm (e.g. abuse/suicidal/human trafficking) they will escalate their concern to our clinical lead in line with government safeguarding guidelines.
  • Both your health and privacy are our top priorities. We will never share your personal data with anybody else and will only use your data for the purposes of providing professional support to you or improving our services.
  • We do use data to look for patterns to enable us to decide which services to offer and how to improve outcomes for our customers. This data is anonymised and does not contain any personal or identifiable information about you.
  • Only the professionals that you have consented to form part of your care team will have access to your medical information. Any messages sent between yourself and a healthcare professional are protected, and cannot be viewed by anyone else.
  • By booking an appointment you are giving consent to the professional that you are seeing to access your Perci Health record.
  • Any data you provide is encrypted and stored securely on our servers.
  • We only use your contact information to provide appointment updates. Other Perci updates can only be given with your explicit permission.
  • For further data handling details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

We’ll be sorry to see you go, however we hope you have found Perci Health to be a caring safe space and have had your questions answered. To delete your account and data please log in to your Perci Health profile and go to settings, you then opt for the “Delete account” tab. Once you have deleted your account you will be sent one final email confirming this has taken place and all data has been erased from our encrypted servers.

You can request for your data and records to be emailed to you at any time. To request this, log in to your Perci Health profile, go to settings and click the “Account data” option. You will be emailed copies of your data within one working day. Please note we can only email your data to the email address associated with your account.

  • Perci adheres to the Care Quality Commisions (CQC) recommendations and best practice guidelines.
  • Our practitioners undergo extensive credentialing checks that are reviewed annually, each practitioner is also registered with the relevant professional governing body.
  • All articles are written by our expert clinical team, following The Information Standard’s best practices for trusted content.